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Why is it important to have a website?
Using technology to your advantage

Technology has advanced so much within the past seventeen years, and year to year the advances in technology are so great that it is getting harder and harder to keep up with these changes. It was not long ago that the use of telefax replaced the telex and now, emails and internet have replaced the use of telephone and telefax. The world has a new way of communicating in day to day life and business has turned into a 24 hours x 365 day operation worldwide thanks to the new technology that is available now.

With the internet and email system available, you have, in no time, gone from being able to promote yourselves and your products, services or goods locally to a worldwide market and twenty four hours a day. While you are sleeping, other parts of the world are looking at what you have to offer and business virtually never goes to sleep. All these major changes in the way business conducts itself nowadays, have come with the benefit of opening doors to many more people at barely no cost to you. It is hard to even imagine what will come next, but then we must also think that what we have today was hard to imagine twenty years ago!

How can you begin to accomplish this? The first step usually is to design the website and then develop it and launch it. The purpose of the website is to centralize all the pertaining parts of the business in one place. It is a visual and informative space that tells the client of who you are, what you do, how you do it, and the products, services, and goods you produce. It serves as an information center and a place where people can buy your products. It is an advertising center for your business and is designed to draw people who have never heard about you to your business.

There are several reasons why a business should think about having their own website, and just to list a few, we have:

  • A website can be visited by potential customers seven days a week and twenty four hours a day, meaning business and orders can take place even when you are closed for business.

  • A website allows your business to be shown in the best way possible, putting you at par level with similar businesses, even if these are larger and more established than your own.

  • A website allows you to sell your products, goods and services worldwide, twenty four hours a day and in whatever currency the buyer's country works with.

  • A website allows you to add or delete products, goods and services, change information about your products, goods and services, change prices, etc. at relatively no cost compared to the traditional marketing methods via print which require a slower and more costly process (printing, distribution, etc.).

Overall, the design and development of your own website versus more traditional marketing methods is the step to take as it is the most cost-effective way of marketing yourself and your business. It offers worldwide coverage, allowing millions to visit you versus hundreds or thousands of people. It allows business to take place 24 x 7 all year, and all operations can take place in one spot versus having shops and or offices in different places paying out rent and other overhead costs.

A good web-design takes more than just having an idea and a computer.