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Client-Side Technologies

Client Side Technology is used on a scenario based on the Client-Side/Server-Side Model for topics describing a Technology. Typically, Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript are used to make the websites more interactive and accessible. This Model provides a faster response for the user than the Server-Side Model as the interaction occurs at the user's computer.

  • Cascading Style Sheets

    CSS are used to control the display of web pages in the browser. They separate presentation from strucure and content, as well as contributing to the accessibility for visitors over a wide range of media.

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript is a scripting technology used to create more interactive websites. It is a scripting language designed to be embedded in web pages so that Browsers can interpret these scripts after the page is loaded. The standardization of ECMAScript is a product of JavaScript.

Server-Side Technologies

Server Side Technology goes hand in hand with the Client-Side Model. With this Technology, the user makes requests for information or data to a server and the server crosses this request or query and sends back the information usually as HTML. A disadvantage to use this model is that the user must wait for a response from the server.

  • Active Server Pages

    Active Server Pages is a technology developed by Microsoft that allows developers to incorporate Visual Basic code into their HTML pages, allowing the WWW applications to be more interactive. ASP is only available on web servers that run Microsoft's IIS server technology.

  • ASP.NET (Also known as ASP+)

    This is a Microsoft Technology that allows a web developer to build dynamic web pages in an expeditious way, incorporating queries into a related database in the webpage. ASP.NET supports code written in compiled language such as Visual Basic, C++, C# and Perl. It also features server controls that separate the content from the code, allowing WYSIWYG to edit the webpage.

  • Microsoft SQL Server

    This is a Microsoft RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), designed for the enterprise environment. SQL Server has several features to Standard SQL because it runs on T-SQL (Transact-SQL), which is a set of programming stations developed by Sybase and Microsoft. M-SQL incorporates transaction control, exception and error handling, row processing and declared variables as some of its features.

Cross-Platform Technologies

  • AJAX:

    AJAX, (short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)is a group of techniques used on the client-side to build interactive web pages. With this technology, the web applications use the background to retrieve data asynchronously from a server without affecting the display and function of the page. The asynchronous mode offered by AJAX has incresed the interctive and dynamic interfaces on web pages as well as better quality of the services. This Technology increases the page's interactivity, functionality, usability and speed as it exchanges small amounts of data with the server, behind the scenes.

Multimedia Technologies

  • Macromedia Flash

    Flash provides web sites with animation, interactivity, sound and database integration. Although Flash has the capacity of creating multimedia web pages, it has disadvantages for which it is recommendable not to use it excessively.