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Why are Business Presentations a Useful Tool for Marketing?

Power Point and Flash presentations are a way to present your company and products or services to others. It is the expression through visuals and a storyboard of who you are and what you do. Presentations should impress audiences and play a support or a main role when addressing an audience. They should keep old business active and bring in new. They should always have an entertaining side to them in order to captivate. They should be designed to showcase the company's professional image and reputation.

InterOrb offers a specialized team that will meet with you and gather information from your companyand then do research, if needed, in order to prepare a presentation for your business.

What characteristics should a presentation have?

  • Color:
    When preparing a presentation, color plays a big role. Colors for the background as well as for the storyboard have to be selected. They must be appealing and take into consideration those that represent your business. The play on colors through the presentation should make the storyboard and images stand out and not produce a clash that will turn the viewer off.

  • Font:
    The font (typeface) should be selected according to the nature of the business. The print size depends on the amount of information contained in each slide of the presentation. A slide must not look over crowded and must be easily read by your audience.

  • Text:
    Presentations serve the purpose of getting a full message across to your audience in an attractive and appealing way. It should incorporate a condensed version of the message without its essence being lost.

  • Other Considerations:
    • Incorporating Data: If the incorporation of data and graphic charts are required, the information must be displayed clearly to avoid confusion. Tables with many numbers in columns cannot be appreciated by your audience. The data has to be displayed so that it can be easily read and understood. Graphic charts should be well titled and the information they display has to be clear to allow for easy interpretation. Colors used for the charts should not get lost within the background.

    • Images: These are used throughout the presentation and should relate to the text they are next to. If your images are displayed on a separate slide, they should have a title that links them to the corresponding text.

    • Background: When you know what charts, graphs, images, etc. you will be using, backgrounds for these should be chosen to serve as frames. These should contrast with all the parts you are showing and also work well with the general background color of your presentation.

You can use Power Point and Flash presentations as marketing tools, sales pitch, board meetings, presentations to future investors, training of employees, tradeshows, public relations, safety training, an instruction manual, etc. InterOrb counts on a design, marketing and technical team that can put a presentation together for your business and it will be a memorable presentation for your viewers.

A good presentation is more memorable than a speach with no visuals.