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Why Does Your Business Need a Logo?

If you are thinking of establishing a new business, creating an image that clients can associate with your already existing business, or simply revamping your image, then you need to identify your business through the creation of a logo. InterOrb offers professionally designed logos that will identify your business on your website, stationary, emails, as well as advertising and publicity materials. This is an inexpensive investment as you pay for the design and it has a multitude of uses.

A logo design requires putting together a series of creative and artistic thoughts along with technology. A good logo should be artistic and have a clean and neat appearance. The purpose of a logo is to be able to visualize and relate to your business and products. Professionals at InterOrb will create your logo, working with your specifications, according to your products and services as well as your specific needs in mind.

Meaning and importance of logo designs

  • Company logo designs are a visual symbol of your organization. Once your logo is launched, it serves the purpose of identifying and branding your company, products and services through a visual image. Customers will identify with your business as your logo becomes more and more recognizable.

  • Your company logo design creates an impression on customers; it is a reflection of your business. Your logo should stand out in a positive way and reflect what your business, products and services are all about.

  • Your company logo should be original in order to avoid customers confusing them with already other existing logos. Elegance is an important characteristic in order to create a visual attraction.

  • Logos are a necessity for your business. Most people associate a product or service with a logo before associating them with the name of the company that produces them.

What are important charactristics of a business logo design?

  • Importance of design
    The design of your logo goes hand in hand with the type of business. It should leave an impression on your client's mind, capturing their imagination. The logo should be memorable as it will be used in every marketing strategy used to approach new and existing customers.

  • Shape and Color
    The selection of shape and color are critical when beginning the design process of your logo. The shape and color used in the creation of your company logo is always decided by you and the designers will also put forth their suggestions. Your logo must be memorable and flawless; its shape and color are the base of it and therefore there is no room for error.

  • Simplicity
    Simplicity in your logo will attract many more clients than a logo heavy on color and details which could run the risk of not being understood and not be identifiable. Simple lines are easier to remember and depth can be created with simple lines.

  • Changes
    If your existing logo needs to be changed or you just want to change it, these modifications have to take place slowly over time. Modifying your logo all at once can result in confusion and deter clients instead of pulling them towards your company. The changes to your logo must occur gradually, giving the impression the logo is evolving rather than changing.

Your logo design is a joint effort between you and us; we work closely with you to produce a logo that will represent your business best.

A good logo design says more through a visual, than any amount of words put together.