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Have you thought of promoting your business?
Brochures and Flyers are a simple way to let others know about your business and services!

Brochures and flyers are a relatively inexpensive way to promote your business. These are traditionally handed out in places where your potential customer would frequent, mailed to a target group or displayed in places where people look for information. Size, format and layout of brochures and flyers are very important when designing them. The cover is the most important part of a brochure; it must be eye catching so that people pick it up, and it typically contains your company name and logo along with a strong selling message. The body of the brochure and flyer must contain a brief, but very complete message and a way to contact you (phone, address, website or email). There should also be a message created to inspire the potential client to contact you.

The use of brochures and flyers are a practical and powerful selling tool for your business. They can be printed in quantities as needed and released in different areas and times. The display of information is very important as well as pictures that break up the literature and catch the attention of the reader. InterOrb works with you to design brochures and flyers, with your ideas and our expertise to create a brochure or flyer that is ready for printing.

What characteristics should business brochures and flyers designs have?

Brochures and flyers can work alone or together with other marketing tools. When preparing to create your brochures and flyers, it is best to first determine their use. We can typically list the following uses for these:

  • Leave behinds:
    Refered to as "leave behinds" as they are typically left when a formal or casual meeting has taken place with your potential client.

  • Point of sale:
    These are left at places where a potential client can pick one up, reason for which they should be really eye catching.

  • Respond to inquiries:
    Typically handed out or mailed to anybody that could inquire about your business, products or services.

  • Direct mail:
    They are typically sent along with a sales letter, and these contain additional information on products and services given by your business. These are also used as a mailing, addressed to targeted groups.

  • Sales support:
    Designed for the use of your salesmen, in their presentation and given to the possible client. Like all the above, the content is all about your company, products and services.

The layout, design and content is best planned once the purpose of the brochure or flyer is determined. InterOrb will help you with the design and creation of your marketing material.

Brochures and flyers are your business' best friend.