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Why is it important to design stationary?

Stationary, like the company logo and business cards, should all be consistent and they are all part of your business identity. Your stationary should be a reflection of your business, as well as the target group you want to draw in. InterOrb will take into account what information you want on the letterhead, who your audience will be, what message you want to deliver and what results you are expecting.

Your stationary will have a winning image. In many cases, your stationary will be the first encounter a future client will have with you so, it is imperative that it be a positive first impression. It must have all the information presented in an engaging way.

  • Designing your Stationary:
    Stationary is an important part of your business identity package. Your company logo, business cards as well as your letterhead and envelopes design should look like they are a set. Your company's identity and objectives, logo and slogan are all elements that would typically be incorporated. The paper you select to print your stationary should be top quality as this also contributes to the impression you will cause.

  • Information on your Stationary:
    All the information on your stationary should be displayed in a symetrical way. Typically your company name, logo, physical address, phone, email and web address are incorporated. The way the information is displayed will make your stationary successful or not.

Colors for the stationary, should be a reflection of your company. All printing elements (colors, images, fonts, style, etc.) have to be incorporated along with the company information so as to get a final product that is a true image of your company. Quality materials will make a difference and should been seen as an investment in your image.

What are the basic characteristics of stationary designs?

  • Colors:
    The selection of colors should be in accordance with your company logo and what your business represents. Too many colors are not a good idea unless your business is in the art, fashion, etc. industry. Traditionally three colors are used for stationary designs. A basic rule is to keep the design minimal.

  • Simplicity:
    Simple stationary designs are indicative of a serious business and will draw attention whereas if it is overloaded it will be received negatively. Design should be small and to one side rather than placed accross the paper.

  • Uniform:
    Letterheads and envelopes should have uniform designs proportionately. Your business should also have only one design as working with more than one can create confusion.

  • Quality paper:
    The paper chosen for letterhead and envelopes should be of high quality as it will always cause a better impression. The selection of paper must be thought of as an investment.

A well designed letterhead and envelope will always leave a good impression.