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What is the importance of a well designed business card?

A business card is your introduction to other people. Your business card is the part of you that is kept, when you meet others, and then depart. It is an essential networking tool that represents you and your business. Business cards provide a way for people to remember and contact you.

InterOrb can design a business card for you that will be an economical marketing product. Once you give us the information you want included, we will produce a design pleasing to the eye. The final design will be delivered and all you will need to do is get your cards printed.

What are the basic characteristics of business cards design?

  • Contact information:
    Address, phone, email and website address, business information such as name and activities mainly.

  • Card Design:
    Business cards should have a balance between information and graphics in order to draw attention and be read completely. Ideally, it should be simple and the information be as complete and synthesized as possible.

  • Colors:
    It should be printed on white, off-white or colored card that represents the industry and at all times, we should consider the company name and logo when selecting color. The writing on the business card, typically black, if colored must match the logo and contrast the card.

  • Logos:
    Business cards typically contain the business logo which identifies your business with your clients. The logo is the single most important graphic element on a business card.

  • Fonts and Style:
    Fonts are selected to match the nature of the industry. As far as style, this should be as unique as possible; remember, you are trying to pull new clients into your business. Some styles need to be more formal than others, and some types of business can follow trends when designing their business cards.

  • Other Ideas:
    • Adding a Photo: In recent times, adding photos is becoming increasingly more popular. In some cases this is a very good idea as it adds color to the card, and the photo will remind the person who you are. Salesmen can benefit from this type of design.

    • Mini CD Business Cards: These are becoming very popular and are good for business presentations as they have the capacity to contain a Flash or Power Point presentation which has more information than a business card. The exterior (non reading face) typically contains all the information a traditional card would have.

If you are opening a business or if your present business card is requiring a change or you simply want to update your presentation cards InterOrb will help you design and develop your business card. Our business card design will reflect quality and be a strong presentation for your business. Your needs and expectations will be satisfied.

A well designed business card is an open door for business to flow through.