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What InterOrb Offers

  • Web Designing:

    In this new era of technology and commerce via the internet you cannot compete without your own website. Your website needs to stand out amongst others within the same industry, leaving an impression on searchers that will make them want to return to the site. We aim at making sites that are one of a kind so that you have an upper-hand with search providers.

  • Graphic Design:

    Part of your success depends on how many potential clients you can reach. Custom designed logos, business cards, stationary, posters, presentations, flyers, etc. are a number of ways to make your business known and recognized. Our graphic design team can assist you providing services that are custom designed and at very affordable price.

  • Digital Memories:

    You have probably been wondering what to do with your family memories or business history from years ago. Now you can digitize those memories and that history. Our services will preserve the past, whether they be photos, slides, negatives, albums, 8mm and Super 8mm films, by creating high resolution digital pictures and films from your existing collection to DVD.

  • Search Engine Optimization:

    If you have an existing website that does not attract many viewers, our company strives on getting your site at the top of all major search engine listings mainly Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN or Ask Jeeves. You can count on our SEO experts work in order to get ahead of the competition on the search engines which translates into more business for you and therefore larger profits in a short time after.
  • Maintenance and Support:

    As you grow, your needs change and InterOrb offers maintenance and support services for websites, web applications, small networks, etc. Your websites and small networks will run error-free with our services. This is a way for you to keep your Internet business running at a very low cost as you would be avoiding payroll costs with in-house support and other companies, like ours, would be more costly.