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About Us

InterOrb is a team of programmers and developers with more than 9 years of web-design and over 25 years of software programming and marketing experience. We also count on translators providing services in Spanish. The combination of experience provided by our "old" programmers and the creativity of our "young" designers, along with the use of new programming technologies offer a custom-made space on the Internet that is welcoming and appealing to visitors. Our team of designers, web developers, progrmmers, IT administrators, and marketing experts provide a series of Internet related services, as well as the creation of other marketing tools. We can handle everything for you, right from the concept to a final product. We can do all of this for you so that you have more time to run your business.

Our mission is to help small businesses, known by few, reach new customers and their already existing ones through the use of the Internet. We work very closely with you to ensure total satisfaction. At InterOrb we are proud of being dependable and reliable. We believe in excellence regarding our product, service and support. Our high quality service at a very affordable price is due to our low overhead costs. Small and middle sized businesses are our focus, so that they too can be competitive in today's world.

When working for you, our process is simple. Our team will get a full understanding of the project and offer suggestions at that moment. After brainstorming, we will send a project proposal with some designs if required. Once approved, we will start your project. Regarding website projects, you will be able to see its progress, at our customer staging server. Once the first version of your project is complete, you will be asked to proof it, request any changes or ammendments. Once corrections, changes, additions, etc. are made to your full satisfaction, we will present you with the final version.

If you are starting a business, you already have a small business or you are just simply having a hard time because of the economical times we are going through globally, at InterOrb, We will work to fit your budget. The times require that business' get creative in order to survive during the hard times. Our team of people can be part of your success.

Why Work with InterOrb?

  • We take care of you in a personal way:

    We are a small company and we pride ourselves in having continual contact with each one of you. Your questions, comments and concerns are addressed immediately by management itself. Your phone calls will be answered at the time of your call or as soon as we get your message.

    InterOrb will be there for you whenever we are needed. Our goal is for you to feel as if we are part of your organization and not just a company that you have contracted to carry out a job. Once our contract has finalized, we will always keep in touch and be very happy to hear back, whether it is for a friendly chat, to answer questions about the service we gave or to add new services.

  • We give you the most for
    what you pay:

    We believe our services are the leaset expensive out there but then, even if our prices are lowered by competition, we are quite sure that the service they provide will be of less value. At InterOrb we are not interested in just providing you with a service and billing you; we want to provide you a service that will increase your business. Our objective is to help you generate business through our services which are very affordable, and very professional. A "cheap" and "bad" service will always be expensive if it cannot generate business for you.

    The quality services we give you is InterOrb's way of generating references and future businesses.

  • We give you the same advice we would give family:

    Your best interest is at heart when we work for you. Your points of view and ideas are heard. If we believe your idea is not the best, we will let you know and offer you a solution that will produce better results. Whether it be a website, a design or any other service, we'll always suggest the best ways to accomplish what you want.

    InterOrb has a qualified team that works with your objectives in mind and will work with you to ensure full satisfaction. We may advise against your original ideas but we will also offer the explanations as to why there are better options avaiable.

  • We give you a tangible high quality product:

    Each of the projects we take on, we nurture until they are delivered. InterOrb will not take a job unless we know that we can turn out an optimal product. We are very enthusiastic about the projects we work on and we treat each one as if they were our own. We also act as an outsider to criticize and improve the job before we present the result to you.

    Once you see the product we are delivering, decide what we should change or improve, we correct these. Our main goal is to produce work that will in turn, draw in clients which means profits for you. We only turn out high quality products.